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The Brickie Bloke

Dale Joseph 
PH: 0499 895 979
Web: www.thebrickiebloke.com.au

Creative letterboxes


When you commission the Brickie Bloke  to build a brick letterbox, you get a complete system, not just a letterbox!

Designs can include flower planters to add a splash of colour, custom lighting systems and security features tailored to your specific needs. We can match the colour and style of brickwork to your home and build an entirely custom brick letterbox to your specific design requirements.

With your Brick needs and our bricklaying team you are guaranteed a quality custom built letterboxthat enhances your home's curb appeal and value.

Bricklaying services Newcastle ,Maitland, Rutherford abberglaslyn windella telaraha lorn bolwarra east Maitland seaham up to the hunter valley singleton Muswellbrook and scone throughout Nelson bay right up to Forster tuncurry diamond beach old bar and surrounds .