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Stone pointing 

Stone pointing, also referred to as repointing, is the process of renewing the pointing in masonry construction.  This process is completed in order to stop the undesirable entrance of water through the damaged voids of the external mortar joints.  Damage to the external parts of mortar joints is caused by weathering over time.

Brick Pointing 

Brick pointing is a repointing process similar to stone pointing, the same fundamentals apply in this process as with repointing masonry. Firstly, our team will carefully remove the corroded external mortar in the external joints.  Ensuring only about half the mortar in the joints is removed, our team will then carefully apply the new mortar creating a stronger seal in the mortar joints between the bricks.  This process not only makes your home more structurally sound but also revives the exterior making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Tuck Pointing 

Tuck pointing is a process that requires precision and the utmost attention to detail.  The tuckpointing process consists of removing the corroded external mortar from the joints around the bricks, this weather damaged decayed mortar is then replaced by a new mixture of mortar.  To ensure this new mortar is aesthetically pleasing and blends with the preexisting brickwork our qualified team of professionals will create an individualized colour of mortar to be placed in the external joints surrounding the brick.  This process is then completed with the utmost attention to detail when our team adds the tuck line. 

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